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Russia, China tighten ties with Iran

Russia and China moved Thursday to extend their economic influence in Iran, while Europeans are finding it harder to ignore efforts by Washington to isolate Tehran economically. In one of the most concrete moves yet against renewed US efforts to choke off Iran economically, a Russian-led trade bloc signed an …

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Indian police arrest 14 over teenager raped, burned to death

Indian police on Saturday arrested 14 people suspected of kidnapping, raping and burning to death a teenage girl, the latest in rising crimes against women in India despite toughening of laws. District magistrate Jitendera Singh said the accused abducted the girl from Chatra, a village in eastern Jharkhand state, while …

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Putin to begin fourth term

Vladimir Putin will be inaugurated for a historic fourth term on Monday, extending his almost two-decade rule by another six years after predictably winning Russia’s March presidential election. But with no successor and no political competition, what are the possible scenarios when his term ends in 2024? Fight for influence …

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Britain to Trump: Don’t ditch Iran nuclear deal

Britain has appealed to US president Donald Trump not to abandon the Iran nuclear deal as a key deadline approaches, saying that while it is not perfect there is no better alternative. The call came in an op-ed piece in The New York Times that was signed by foreign secretary …

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Putin sworn in as president for fourth term

Vladimir Putin was sworn in as Russia’s president for a fourth term at a ceremony in the Kremlin on Monday, extending his almost two-decade rule by another six years. “I consider it my duty and my life’s aim to do everything possible for Russia, for its present and for its …

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